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In today's busy world, prioritizing our well-being can be tough. Whether it's our mental, physical, or spiritual health, giving ourselves care is crucial. Investing in our wellness boosts energy, happiness, and what truly counts. Ready to begin?



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Encourage Social Connection

Connect with other women and build relationships.

Inspire Positive Change

Gain inspiration from speakers and presenters.

Cultivate Skills to Help You Thrive

Learn problem solving, stress management, positivity, and maintaining balance.

What Will You Learn?

We've lined up the best speakers and experts for this conference.



Sadie Wilde, Body Gratitude 

Eva Timothy, Christina Pay, Melanie Dabb, Empowered Leadership: How Ambiverts, Introverts, and Extroverts Can Work Together

Alyssa Amano, Yoga in the Garden


Danielle Cook, The Power of Positivity 

Rachel Reist, Mindfulness & Self-compassion

Kika Vila Nova, The Importance of Community for Women

View the Full Agenda Here

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View the Full Agenda Here

Click to download

Meet Nicole Bennett, LCSW

Clinical director, therapist and leadership coach at Ascent Coaching and Therapy

Keynote Address - Discover Joy and Fulfillment through Authenticity

Welcome to a transformative journey of self-discovery where authenticity becomes your compass to a life overflowing with joy and profound purpose. Unveil your true self and experience the liberating power of authenticity, forging meaningful connections, discovering your purpose and embracing fulfillment even in the face of life's challenges. Join us as we explore the intricate tapestry of human existence, where authenticity is the thread of weaving together the fabric of your happiest, most fulfilled self.  

In a world where everyone faces their own share of trials, Niki stands as a testament to the power of resilience and transformation. Growing up with the heavy burden of debilitating anxiety and OCD, she walked the path of fear for a staggering three decades. Anxiety held her captive, until one day, she found herself standing at the precipice of despair. Seeking solace and understanding, Niki began a transformative journey with a therapist who helped her unravel the tangled roots of her fears. But it was through the guidance of a somatic coach and a life-changing journey to India, where she trekked through the breathtaking Himalayas, that Niki discovered her life's purpose: to turn personal trials into inspiring triumphs.

Today, Niki is on a mission to empower others, extending a compassionate hand to guide them along their own paths from fear to triumph. As a licensed clinical social worker, author and yoga instructor with over a decade of experience, she has guided individuals, couples and families through transformative journeys. Niki's unique blend of talents extends from her island dreamer days in Hawaii, where she taught at Brigham Young University, to her role as a certified yoga guru, incorporating mindfulness and evidence-based therapeutic techniques. As a certified Brain Spotting expert, she helps you unlock the doors to emotional and physical healing.

Beyond her professional life, Niki finds joy in spending time with her husband of 23 years and her four children, indulging in her passions for writing, reading, globetrotting and beach lounging.  

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“All of the info presented was so valuable and informative! Very helpful and I love the low-cost/free resources available to us! Thank you all so much!"

Have you ever attended a conference or a convention and felt like the speakers were talking directly to you and only you? I'm talking eye contact that extends into your freaking soul and feeling like the entire motive of their speeches was to move YOU and stir YOUR depths? Welp, that's how today was at the Celebrating Women conference. To say that I loved it would be a huge understatement. So many words touched me, challenged me, and rekindled parts of me that have been lost for some time. Parts that I had forgotten. I needed this. I'm such a sucker for inspiration. For connection. For feeling a shift in focus and energy. I've felt it all today and am so excited to continue with the momentum and watch it shape me as search the depths to answer the question posed today, "What is your why?"

"I have been wanting to figure out how to better network with other women and step into a space where there were more female voices. I need to see women leading! This was so hopeful and helpful for me that way."