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The Celebrating Women Conference is coming up on September 10, 2022. The purpose of the conference is to increase knowledge of health and wellness in women of all ages and stages of life and to empower women to live their best lives. This is a live virtual event, and recordings of all of the live workshops will be available to attendees after the event..

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What Will You Learn?

We've lined up the best speakers and experts for this conference.


Deborah Dilley, Starting the Day with Positivity 

Leah Kern, Healing Disordered Relationships with Food & Body through Intuitive Eating

Geomyra Pollard, Living Life Well-Rounded

Emily Bell McCormick, TBA

Cindy Jenkins, Positive Body Image for Every Body

Jodi Horton and Ashlee Hinds, How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Nature

Emilee Henriquez, ACMHC, Self-Care is Self-Survival


Why Attend?

Encourage Social Connection

Connect with other women and build relationships.

Inspire Positive Change

Gain inspiration from speakers and presenters.

Cultivate Skills to Help You Thrive

Learn problem solving, stress management, positivity, and maintaining balance.

Meet the Keynote Speaker

Lindsay White

Lindsay White is a mother to 3 and the founder of The Little Milk Bar, a community and e-commerce brand that empowers breastfeeding mothers. Giving them permission, and the confidence, to feed their babies whenever and wherever they need to. Lindsay started The Little Milk Bar at her kitchen table after her mom asked her to go feed her son in the bathroom when they were out at a wedding. It started with a shirt and quickly grew to 100+ products. She's grown her brand by focusing on community, storytelling and utilizing social media by creating viral content via TikTok. Lindsay was recognized by Forbes 2021 Next 1,000 list, the next 1,000 entrepreneurs to keep an eye out for. 

Here's What People are Saying

“All of the info presented was so valuable and informative! Very helpful and I love the low-cost/free resources available to us! Thank you all so much!"

Have you ever attended a conference or a convention and felt like the speakers were talking directly to you and only you? I'm talking eye contact that extends into your freaking soul and feeling like the entire motive of their speeches was to move YOU and stir YOUR depths? Welp, that's how today was at the Celebrating Women conference. To say that I loved it would be a huge understatement. So many words touched me, challenged me, and rekindled parts of me that have been lost for some time. Parts that I had forgotten. I needed this. I'm such a sucker for inspiration. For connection. For feeling a shift in focus and energy. I've felt it all today and am so excited to continue with the momentum and watch it shape me as search the depths to answer the question posed today, "What is your why?"

"I have been wanting to figure out how to better network with other women and step into a space where there were more female voices. I need to see women leading! This was so hopeful and helpful for me that way."

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